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Design and organize patent portfolios

Using our unique approach, we design and organize patent portfolios specifically tailored to our client’s needs. Relying on experts who specialize in producing profitable results, we guide our clients through a process to identify, organize, and validate your IP.

Our Services

Our Services
Patent Strategy

Build a plan designed to achieve your major goals and aligned with your organizational and commercial objectives


The evaluation process begins by reviewing and analyzing intellectual assets


Monetization is the process of selling, transferring or liquidating portfolio assets

Protecting your IP

Protect your assets, prohibit the competition

Our Process

Reviewing your business for risks and opportunities

Terms of Service/ Privacy

Confidentiality and personal data protection policy


"Intellectual Property is the oil of the 21st century."

~ Mark Getty


Ready to find out more?

We can provide a strategic and tactical patent strategy for your company's intellectual property and help you - Evaluate, Organize and Monetize your portfolio.

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